Hi I’m Tim Sheppard, your Programme Secretary, I co-ordinate the rallies that you offer to run, we plan our rallies up to three years in advance, the programme is published in Annual Calendar format, what’s on offer for the current year and what is proposed for the following two years. The Calendars are colour coded to let you know what sort of rally it will be, and if you click or touch on the rally dates, you will be redirected to that rally page. Here you can read what’s on offer and download a booking form if you would like to join the rally.

Sussex ECTTS, 11th to 14th September, Rally ends 2 days early. C19

Cotswolds Revisited 12th to 17th September, CANCELLED

Autumn Fellowship & AGM 17th to 22nd Sept CANCELLED

Sussex by the Sea 22nd to 28th September, CANCELLED

Bulwick “1” 3rd to 8th October, CANCELLED

Bulwick “2” 8th to 13th October, CANCELLED

Autumn Tints 14th to 20th October, CANCELLED

Garden of England 4th to 10th November, CANCELLED.

Barneys Christmas Spectacular 9th to 15th Dec CANCELLED