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  1. Home Start West Somerset are looking for your old mobile phone for use by their staff. Must be text compatible as that is what clients use today. The staff have been using their own old phones to date and some of these are not able to text. Some of the people cannot afford to upgrade (nor should they have to pay!), so any donations will be gratefully accepted.We will, of course, pay any out of pocket expenses.
    Best wishes

  2. I hope most of you already know we have a discount for rallies outside of School holidays from the caravan and motor home club of 20%. Gerard has details.

    But we also get a 15% extra discount if we pay by 31st March due to the VAT reduction.
    A one third reduction is well worth having so can I encourage us to look at possible sites

    Members of the executive have also indicated their willingness to help in any way possible even as assistant rally marshals if you can’t encourage new people to work with you.

    Hope this is helpful and our best wishes to you all.

    Bruce W

  3. Friday 14th August 2020.
    Ashbourne Rally 2020 – just imagine the picture at “low tide” here today, VJ Day.
    Disappointed not to have a field full however the correct decision for this rally.
    RM here with grandson Toby.
    Peter and `Glenys Spencer send their best wishes to ICFR.

  4. Congratulations to Tim and Katrina for a great rally at Bradwell. They ran a well organised, relaxed rally with plenty to do and lots of fellowship with friends old and new. It was lovely to welcome first time ralliers Brian and Caroline from St Albans. It is great that ICFR is rallying again!
    Chris & Paul Quinlan

  5. Just to say well done to everyone for the No Wells Rally. Great to be out and about again.
    As Geoff’s closing remarks summed up ” we have 2 viruses, Covid19 and and the anxiety virus” Lets hope we survive both!
    All the best
    David & Kate Ayres

  6. This is something new for ICFR, You can let others know what a great time you had on your rallies. Comments will be monitored and unsuitable ones denied publication.

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