Hi I’m David Shaw, official title IT Secretary, but really I’m the one that mucks around with the website, This new site is created on the WordPress online editing platform. It is more secure than the old site that we had, for which the software I use is outdated and no longer supported.

It’s all new to all of us, but here are a few tips for getting what you need from the site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch via the Contact page.

These icons are used consistently throughout the site and always have the same function.

Link to rally location map

Places left on rally

Link to venue website

No Limit to places

Booking form download

Booking form not released

This colour code for the type and status of the rally is more or less the same as the old site and is fairly self explanatory.

Your Devices will display the website differently depending on screen size, the software is reactive to the type of device you are using.

The Calendar Pages, The calendars are now directly from the database managed by the Programme Secretary and will always be up to date. You can drag the calendar around in the window with your finger on touch screen devices, zooming in and out can be achieved by rolling the mouse wheel or using “pinch” and “spread” gestures with your fingers on touch screen.

Links to Rally Pages, for device with mouse or touchpad click on the rally name to activate the link to the rally page. For touch screen device just put your finger on the rally name

The Ticker Tape Banner just above the calendar has a 10 second delay before moving to the next Ticker. There is a row of numbers under the banner, you can move through the tickers using these numbers.

The Location Map, When you access this from the main menu it is just like the old site, it’s an interactive Google Map, in the top right corner of the map you will find the enlarge button, click or touch on this and it will open the map full screen in a new page. If you access the map from the links on rally pages the map will be zoomed in on the location of that rally.

Where are the Rallies? In the top left hand corner of the map you will see a square symbol with a right pointing arrow in it. This opens and closes a panel listing all the rallies.
Select a rally in this list, the map will zoom in and put that rally at the centre of the screen, the icon is surrounded by a white ring.
I have no idea why and it only happens on the first time you click on a rally, the map zooms to Ireland after this it works fine.
You will notice in the panel on the left there are brief details of the rally.
Alternatively you can select a rally icon in the map, the details for that rally will appear in the left panel.

The is fully compliant with the Fellowship’s Privacy Policy and GDPR requirements. A list of user roles and access rights have been agreed by the Executive Committee. Area Chairs and Secretaries will be able to download an up to date email list and create mail labels to send out messages concerning social events etc but can only see their own Area.
Log-ins and passwords
Prior to your first use you will have received an email with a link which is valid for one week. Clicking this link takes you to the setting up of your access. If you get a message saying it has expired please email me for a new link. Choose a new password for yourself.
Your membership record
This contains the standard contact details for you and your partner.
You both share the same membership number. If there are 2 email addresses in your record you can have 2 logins. They can be altered by you at any time and the system will be instantly updated. Please check these details carefully as this is what will go in the Handbook.

Your life – optional
If you would like to complete the boxes for date of birth and wedding these will get picked up for special celebrations and inserted in News and Views. At the moment we rely on word of mouth so many people do not get included. THIS IS OPTIONAL

Your health
Please complete the emergency contact showing their relationship to you and their contact details. This can then be accessed if needed at any National or Area event if you are taken ill or injured.
You can also add in any allergies or dietary requirements. Please select ‘none’ where appropriate so that we know you have checked.
Your camping unit
There are spaces for your unit (caravan, motorhome or none) and its length, and your vehicle registration. Also any membership details for the two camping clubs. At a later point we hope to save you the trouble of completing these details on the rally application forms.

Please help
The new system will bring us lots of benefits but we need your help in getting all the details up to date plus the additional ones described above.

Katrina Lancaster
Membership Secretary
October 2020