New Membership System

As you may be aware our Programme Secretary Tim in conjunction with our Membership Secretary Katrina has developed a comprehensive Membership System with details of our members. There are several benefits to this which may not be immediately apparent.

1 You can access your own details held on the system and update them if required.

2 Your Area Chairman and Area Secretary have been given access to the records of those in their area to facilitate and ease the process of communicating with members.

3 Tim and Katrina have designed the Membership System so that it can easily be passed on to future officers in their roles.

4 It has enabled Tim and Katrina to develop a Rally Application System that automatically fills in your details from the Membership System and sends a copy to the rally Booking Officer who may be the Rally Marshal.

New Automated Rally Application Procedure

From 1st of December 2020 when the 2021 rallies become available for booking you will see an additional button on the rally pages; the “Apply Now” button.

It is a link to the Application Form for that rally, on this form you will see that all your relevant details from the Membership System have already been completed. If you need to update any of the details you can do this and when you do it will automatically update the database so that details will be correct when you apply for further rallies.

You may be asked to pay a small deposit, this can be done by bank transfer or by good old fashioned cheque if you prefer. Bank details will be given by the Booking Officer. The balance of the payment will be due as normal about 1 month before the start of the rally.

When you submit the completed form a summary is automatically emailed to the rally Booking Officer, who will then have several options on the system, he can accept your application, put you on a waiting list (if the rally is full) or in exceptional cases reject your application; if for example your unit is not suitable for the site or if the site will not accept your pet.

The system then automatically sends you an email confirming the result of your application. You will be able to view all your booking applications and bookings in your record on the system.

What about the existing Booking Forms?

These will continue to be provided and you can still use these to apply as before if you prefer. The new system only provides you with an accelerated automatic procedure to fill in the details of you, other members of your party and your unit. It cannot accommodate details of the Rally Programme. These will be sent to you when available.

The Covid 19 Pandemic is making it very difficult for Rally Marshals to plan programmes well in advance as they would normally do, it may be that rallies will have much reduced programmes or programmes that will not be able to be confirmed until just before the start of the rally. You may need to apply using the system before full details are available. The Rally Programme will be specified on the existing booking form and may contain estimates of costs and some elements will of necessity, be “Provisional”. Unfortunately this is something that we will have to live with for the moment.

The new 0n-line Rally Application is no more difficult than booking a ferry, a Caravan Club site or buying and paying for something on line. If you have any difficulty you can always use the contact page to get help. There may be minor hiccups to iron out but if you don’t give it a try we will never know.

1st of December is round the corner when you can download your latest News & Views and get booking those 2021 rallies.