We are a Rotary Fellowship

ICFR (International Caravanning Fellowship of Rotarians) was started in 1967 by a group of British Rotarians led by Robert Sutcliffe, who decided to travel with their caravans to the RI Convention at Nice in France. Since 1967 similar Rotary groups have been established all over the globe; in France, the Netherlands, Germany, North America, New Zealand and Australia. Different continents, different languages but one simple concept… Fun and fellowship with fellow Rotarians, using your own caravan or motorhome.

What do We do ?

During the day, on most days at a rally we all just do our own thing, exploring the local area – or just relaxing. On some days there might be a group walk or a group visit to some local tourist attraction.

In the evening, we get together to enjoy a variety of social events, mostly very informal. BBQ’s; suppers; social evenings; quizzes and entertainments (sometimes home-made!).

What sort of rallies ?

We have about 25 local rallies each year. These smaller rallies are organised by local Rotarians who are able to use their local knowledge to our advantage.
They generally last for five nights and involve 12 to 30 units (i.e. 24 to 60 people).
We also organise a couple of larger national rallies with unlimited numbers, perhaps ranging up to 150 people at an AGM rally.
When there is sufficient interest we endeavour to organise rallies to coincide with RI or RIBI conferences.
Each year we usually have three or four continental rallies, with France and Germany being the most popular destinations.
Every few years we have an intercontinental fly/hire rally. Our 2017 trip had nearly forty British and South African Rotarians and partners touring South Africa.
Other long-distance destinations have included New Zealand and North America.


Membership of ICFR is open to Rotarians and their partners, to family members of Rotarians and to alumni of Rotary programmes.

If you would like to join ICFR.

First, check these eligibility criteria.

Then complete the online Membership Form.

Or Contact :-

The Membership Secretary, Katrina Lancaster, Lyndale House, Church Street, Bradwell, Derbyshire, S33 9HJ.

email ICFRmember@outlook.com

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