The Fellowship has recently purchased two Event Shelters (Domes) which are in plan 4.5metres x 4.5 metres, that’s nearly 15ft x 15ft in old money.

They look like this:

It is estimated that each unit has a capacity of 30 to 40 persons standing.

The cost for their use – £2 per member unit, per dome. Therefore, if you require both domes, £4 per member unit. This money forms part of the financial rally return as is the use of a party tent.

Any RM who would like to use 1 or 2 domes should contact Geoff Bell, current custodian, to check availability, and to talk to Geoff re how to get hold of the units.

If Geoff can transport to your rally, then fine, but if not, it is up to the RM who would like to use to arrange suitable transport to collect etc, or to be prepared to arrange and pay for necessary transport, current courier fees are circa £35 per dome.