It’s Easier than you Think.

Rallies are what ICFR is all about, if you have enjoyed going on rallies you might think about running one yourself. It is probably much easier than you might think.

Be an Assistant.

First you may want to volunteer to be an Assistant Rally Marshal (ARM) on a rally in your area. This way you can learn first hand from an experienced Rally Marshal (RM).

Keep it Simple.

Rallies can be as simple as booking pitches on your chosen site, then arranging with the campsite for ralliers to book thier place and pay directly to the site. No rally programme need be arranged but giving advice on local attractions is all you need to do.

Keeping a record of your Bookings.

If you are familiar with spreadsheets, this is by far the easliest way to keep tabs on your rally booking and option choices. Here’s one that you could use as a template. I find it best to use two rows per unit attending and leave one row blank for solo ralliers. If you are not familiar with spreadsheets, here is a sample pdf record sheet that you can complete manually. Both are for twelve units but you can add rows to the spreadsheet or print off more than one pdf if you have more ralliers.

There’s plenty of Help.

There are two documents that you may want to study before you decide to run your first rally. First there is the Quick Guide this is a short step by step guide to setting up your rally. Second there is a more comprehensive document that you can use as a reference Guidance Notes for RMs .

When your rally has been approved and you start to receive applications to join your rally, you can learn how to process the applications with the help of this illustrated guide .

There are also some useful short video tutorials you can view on the website that will give you futher guidance.