This site is created on the WordPress online editing platform, here are a few tips for getting what you need from the site.

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First things first, your devices will display the website differently depending on screen size, the software is reactive to the type of device you are using. It will also react differently on touch screen & cursor driven devices.

At the top of every page you will find the Navigation tabs, these are derived from the idea of folders in a file-cabinet they give indication of what content can be found on a website page, the page you are currently using will be underlined.

Most of you will visit the site to find out about our current and future Rally Programme and to book your rallies for the coming year.

Attention!!! This is Important.

Before you do anything else you must Apply to join the rally. You can do this by clicking on the Apply Now icon on the rally page, which will take you to the Membership System application page for that rally. Here you should first check your details are correctly entered then tick the three check boxes and lastly click on the red Apply button at the bottom of the form.

AFTER you have applied and been accepted on the rally you can complete the Booking Form.

You can find guidance on this further down this page.

Or follow this simple flow chart.

When you visit the The Calendar Pages you will find a graphical representation the rally dates on an Annual Calendar. The calendars are now directly from the database managed by the Programme Secretary and will always be up to date.

If you are using a small screen device all the calendar may not be visible. You can drag the calendar around in the window with your finger on touch screen devices, zooming in and out can be achieved by rolling the mouse wheel or using “pinch” or “spread” gesture with your fingers on touch screen.

For touch screen device just put your finger on the rally name.

The Rallies colours indicated the Status of each rally.

The rally name is a link to that rallies dedicated page.

This is what a typical Rally Page looks like.

The icons are used consistently throughout the site and always have the same function.

Location Icon

This links to a map of all rally location zoomed in to that particular rally. If you zoom out you will see all the rallies on that map.

The Location Map, When you access this from the main menu it is just like the old site, it’s an interactive Google Map, in the top right corner of the map you will find the enlarge button, click or touch on this and it will open the map full screen in a new page. If you access the map from the links on rally pages the map will be zoomed in on the location of that rally.

Where are the Rallies? In the top left hand corner of the map you will see a square symbol with a right pointing arrow in it. This opens and closes a panel listing all the rallies.
Select a rally in this list, the map will zoom in and put that rally at the centre of the screen, the icon is surrounded by a white ring.
I have no idea why and it only happens on the first time you click on a rally, the map zooms to Ireland after this it works fine.
You will notice in the panel on the left there are brief details of the rally.
Alternatively you can select a rally icon in the map, the details for that rally will appear in the left panel.

Programme Icon

This links to details of the programme offered by the Rally Team.

Site Icon

This links to the website of the caravan site at which the rally is held. If the site has no website the background of the icon will be red, there will be no link.

Booking Form Icon

Some Rally Marshals and members prefer to use a printable Booking Form rather than the online system, these forms can be downloaded with this icon. If no form is available the background of the icon will be red, there will be no link

Online Booking Form Icon

After Rally Release Date (usually 1st Dec.) This Icon links to a detailed online Programme Booking Form, which contains any programme costs i.e. site fees, excursions and any dining out opportunities. The form automatically generates the cost of the choices you make. When you submit this completed form a copy of your choices will be emailed to you and the Booking Officer. You can alter all your choices up until you click on the “SUBMIT” button. The completed form can be printed before you submit it. Events on the programme are not compulsory, you may choose to partake in as many events as wish.

Apply Now Icon

This leads you to the rally application page on the Membership System. You will only need to tick a few boxes confirming who will be attending and on what dates, all the other details are held on the system and your application will be sent automatically to the Booking Officer, who will then send you confirmation of your acceptance on the rally.

Waiting List Icon

The Application Icon changes to Waiting List when the rally is fully booked, you can still make an application but you will be on a list of applicants who will be contacted in case a place becomes available. Please let the Rally Marshal know if you decide to withdraw from the list.

Number of Places Left

This indicates how many of the total number of places are still available to book. On some larger rallies there is no limit to the number of places, this will be indicated by and Infinity symbol .

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