This is where you can find all the information you need as a member of ICFR. How to join us and the rules we abide by. Help for members who choose to organise a rally and recently added software for planning Hospitality Evenings. Just use these icons below to access the resource.

You can use this simple software below to plan your hospitality evening. Three session hospitality works best when the total number of units is divisible by 3. If your number of units is not a factor of 3 you may be able to ask 2 singletons on your rally to join up, or the Rally Marshals may choose not to join in.

Numbers not covered by these can be accommodated by splitting into smaller groups, i.e. for 18 units split into 2 groups of 9, 27units use 12 +15 and so forth. You will find instructions on each sheet.

If you do not have access to spreadsheet software, download these pdf files and file them in manually to get the same result.